facebook vs. googleTuesday, Mar. 16, 2010People want 有巢氏房屋information from friends they trust, vs. the anonymity of a 褐藻醣膠search engine. · MATT 二胎TATHAM, · director of 買屋media relations at Hitwise, which found that Facebook had 室內裝潢more hits than Google for the week ending March 1 for the 酒店經紀first time · 以3月1日那週計租房子算,某媒體主管發現臉書比古歌更夯 “人們需要從可以信任的長灘島朋友得到資訊,· 不是匿名的訂做禮服搜索引擎.”Read more: 面膜http://www.time.com/time/quotes/0,26174,1972716,00.html#ixzz0iPoKNKcW


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